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Kenya Safaris OverView

Kenya boasts of diverse sceneries, ancient granitic hills, desert, coral reefs, wildlife, history. It comprises of 23 terrestrial National Parks,28 terrestrial National reserves,4 Marine National Parks,6 Marine National Reserves and 4 National Sanctuaries.

Its National Parks offer a new experience of wildlife splendor ranging from the Big five of Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Buffalo to the world-renowned wildebeest migration, the greatest game exodus on earth, the aquatic attractions include Dolphins, Hippos, Crocodiles etc.

While in Kenya Visit;

1. Mountain Kenya National Park and Reserve

Mountain Kenya is the second tallest Mountain in Africa with breath taking scenery consisting of Lakes, Glaciers, Dense forests, Mineral springs and Wildlife including Elephants, Tree hyrax, white mongoose, Bushbucks, waterbuck and Elands. Over 130 bird species have been recorded here.


2. Amboseli National Park

is crowned by Mountain Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak and is one of Kenya’s most popular parks. Here large herds of Elephants can be viewed up close, Leopards, Cheetahs, wild dogs, Buffalos, Zebras are also in this place. This park has prolific birdlife features of 600 species.


3. The Island National Park

Is home to a profusion of birdlife including 34 species of European migrants most spectacularly viewed as they return home between march and May. Other 23 species of birds breed here like Goliath heron, African skimmer and this park is ideal for game watching and has one of the world’s largest concentration of Crocodiles.


4. The Saiwa swamp National Parkwhich

Is a veritable haven for nature lovers, filled with exotic flowers, trees and birds. It is also the habitat of the rare and endangered semi-aquatic sitatunga antelope and as a preserve for the rare De Brazza’s monkey. This park has a cool shade and is compact offering an ideal dawn walk and botanical safaris.


5. Sibiloi National Park

which is located on the wild and rugged shores of Lake Turkana. The Park is home to important archeological sites and serves as a stopover for migrant water fowl and is a major breeding ground for the Nile Crocodiles. Terrestrial wildlife includes Zebras, Grant gazelles, Lions, Leopards, stripped hyenas, Cheetahs and Northern Topi. Discover wild life treasures at Ruma National Park which consists of a mosaic of landscapes ranging from riverine woodland and rolling savannah to magnificent escarpments and towering cliffs, it is also Kenya’s last remaining sanctuary for the endangered roan antelope. The Ndere Island National Park which is located on Lake Victoria and is a haven for birds. Covered mostly in grassland, Ndere Island provides beautiful scenic views of the Hoima hills to the south mageta Island to the East and a view of Kampala in Uganda beyond the south west