Community Tourism


TOURISM BEYOND WILDLIFE… a community-based tourism experience!


Four Crane Safaris offers Community Tourism in order to promote community-based tourism and support community development, in partnership with tourists.
Where Community Tourism develops the rural communities and creates projects, Four Crane Safaris offers you the opportunity to actually visit the community of your choice and see how the project supports their way of living. Cultural tourism safaris in Uganda will not only give you an experience of a lifetime, but will make sure that the local people benefit from tourism as well!




Visitors on safaris in Uganda can help support the communities by visiting one of the projects directly, by volunteering or by making a donation. To ensure that the money is well spent, donations should be made at one of the offices.
Don’t watch the world from a distance, but get involved and experience the real Africa!

Uganda Community Tour


Uganda community Tour helps local communities improve their lives through: the sale of handcrafts, the provision of accommodation, cultural performances and tour guiding . This form of community-based tourism assures that the benefits stay as much as possible in the community. The community projects operate small enterprises such as craft making, music, dance and drama. Thanks to the revenues from these activities, many important rural communities are supported. Community projects include clinics, schools, water supply and literacy programmes.